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Employees lose out on millions of dollars a year in unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and unpaid commission.  If you have a question about your compensation and whether you might be a victim of intentional or unintentional wage theft by your employer, call Nick Kreitman.  Cases regarding wages can raise a multitude of issues best handled by skilled legal representation and can often be resolved through prompt and clear communication to your employer by your representative.  Nick Kreitman has experience with successfully arguing the following issues on behalf of employees in union and non-union shops:


• Misclassification of employees as exempt

• Misclassification of workers as independent contractors

• Failure to pay otherwise exempt employees on a salary basis

• Regular rate and minimum wage issues

• Failure to pay for pre- and post-shift activities, including donning and doffing, and other “off-the-clock” claims

• Miscalculation of commissions and bonuses

• Failure to pay overtime to drivers based on the SAFETEA-LU amendments to the Motor Carrier Act exemption

• Tip and “service charge” claims

• Unpaid on-duty meal periods

• Denied reimbursements

• Other state law pay practices claims


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No One Should Endure Discrimination at Work or a Hostile Work Environment.


If you have been denied:


- Higher pay, leave requests, changes in shift/hours

- Changes in work responsibilities

- Lost fringe benefits, training opportunities

- Laid off, demoted or fired

endured harassment, bullying, hazing


You may have suffered unlawful discrimination.  Under Illinois and Federal law, you may not face discrimination at work or harassment from your co-workers due to your race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender/pregnancy, age (if over 50), use of family medical leave, an actual or perceived disability, acting in concert with other employees or the public to improve working conditions or utilization of workers comp benefits.


Nick Kreitman can help you request a medical accommodation, raise or other change in working conditions and quickly get family medical leave approved.  Contacting an attorney as soon as possible can preserve your rights to pursue claims and expedite settlement.  Please contact Nick Kreitman if you are in need of an attorney.





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Attorney Nick Kreitman is a rising Associate at Gainsberg Law P.C. and is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, American Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee, the National Lawyers Guild Labor and Employment Section, the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

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